About Dan Gallagher

Dan is a self-taught woodworker turned woodcarver. His formal education, from Brock University and Sir Sanford Fleming College, is in the environmental field. However, after several years in the field Dan was drawn in by his love for woodwork and decided to open his own business.

Dan’s shop is located at his home just south of Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. He began by building small simple furnishings and accents. After purchasing a small set of carving tools, Dan began adding carving to his projects. Before long the carving became the central part of his business.

In addition to carving, Dan does can make almost anything in wood.  Previous commissions have ranged from simple lettering to large figures and from small boxes to large and complex furnishings. Dan’s work can be seen throughout Ontario as well as the U.S. and overseas. He does work for both private and corporate clients.

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Below is a short documentary video produced by Dave Hunter of Personal Documentaries Canada.