Wooden Boats (no longer on offer)

Weighing in at around 60lbs, the wooden Adirondack style Guideboats from Dan Gallagher Carving and Woodwork has all the functionality and versatility of a canoe but also has the stability, efficiency and grace of a rowboat.

wooden guide boat

Although the size is approximate to a canoe, the Guideboat employs significantly different building techniques, more in line with the East Coast ship building tradition. Our boats require over 1500 stainless steel brads, 900 laminations and 500 brass screws. We use the clear western red cedar on white pine ribs and stems. The garboard, the bottom board and decks are also white pine. In our base boat, the gunwhales and decks are mahogany and the seats are made from ash. Also included are brass stem bands and aluminums skid plates. They are finished with 7 coats of the highest quality spar varnish on the hull. These boats come with three seats, a backrest and a set of oars…all you’ll need to get you on the lake.

Only a few wooden guideboats can be built each year. Our boats are custom made to order so you can choose a variety of options to personalize you boat. Everything from hand-caned seats to domestic and exotic woods is available.

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    Do you have pricing brochures?