Kevlar Boats

I am no longer offering boats for sale.  Weighing in at around 95lbs, the Kevlar version of the Adirondack Style Guideboat from Dan Gallagher Carving and Woodwork has all the functionality and versatility of a canoe, as well as increased stability and the efficiency and grace of a row boat. All the beauty of our ‘traditional boats’ but with the extreme durability and ease of care of Kevlar.

kevlar guide boat

Our Kevlar boats are constructed of the finest quality Kevlar fibre and resins. Wooden decks, gunwhales and seats add a touch of tradition to a virtually maintenance free hull. The hull design is based on the lines of our wooden boats. The Kevlar boats however, have a slightly higher sheer line providing more freeboard. These boats are available custom made to order, and can be personalized to fit your needs and aesthetic sensibility.

Each boat comes with mahogany decks, and ash gunwhales and trim. Unseen deck supports and carlins are made from select western red Cedar. White is the standard colour for our boats, but a variety of colours are available on request. Each boat also includes three sheet caned seats and one backrest in ash. Other woods are available on request.


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2 Responses to Kevlar Boats

  1. Peter Read says:

    I am very interested in purchasing one of your boats.

    • blogadmin says:

      Hello Peter Unfortunately this is the first Iˋve seen of you comment a few months too late. I am no longer producing boats at they just became to costly to make. I have only my own wooden one and a couple of prototypes. Iˋd be happy to show you them if you are in the area but I really donˋt have anything for sale.

      Sorry for the delay for some reason my comments have not been forwarded to me as they had in the past.